It finally happened – the new Celtic Radio is taking shape. Flash back to November 8, 2003 when we purchased – alot has happened since those early internet radio days. We’ve always used this address for our mobile website and even created its own bumper sticker and our promotional flyer. It’s just taken us a little time to focus on developing the site!

Does this mean we are shutting down Certainly not. Many members did not want to see go away, so we just completed a 6 month project updating all aspects of our legacy music site.

Our goal for Celtic Music Radio is to offer a modern, easy to use and beautifully rendered site for you to listen to your favorite Celtic music. It will work seamlessly on your mobile device or desktop computer. It is going to be quite simple because we get that you want to hear the music quickly and easily.

For now we have our new player available from the Tune-In section, so give us a listen. Starting today our music announcements and news will come from here and over the next several months look for this site to gradually ramp up.

Our new player technology will allow us to do things not possible in the past, such as offering specialty playlists to augment our broadcasts.

As always, we appreciate the support of our members and hope you will find Celtic Music Radio as enjoyable as we will find developing it.

Have a question or comment? Registration is now open for!