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Hail Glorious St. Patrick

With over 35 years in the music industry, Irish singer-songwriter Pierce Turner certainly has the talent and intellect to spin a tale through song. The accomplished artist’s latest single, “Hail Glorious St. Patrick,” is a delightful twist on a classic ballad and a must-have track for fans of Celtic rock who seek out authenticity and originality that defies mainstream music norms.

At times bleak while all the while effortlessly entertaining, this witty ballad draws the listener in with an upbeat melody of guitar and percussion and lyrical content that pokes fun at history and tradition. Turner’s trademark vocals and harmonies showcase his attitude towards the patron Saint of Ireland, erupting into a dynamic and catchy chorus as an homage to the original patriotic anthem. Perfect for St. Patrick’s Day cheers, this full-length single captivates the listener with substance and style one can only find from an established artist.

“Hail Glorious St. Patrick” is a true example of Turner’s ingenuity, transforming a traditional track to reflect his unique personality. Listeners who favor rebellious songs will find their own voice in this clever single and feel the need to sing along with Pierce Turner’s melodies. “Hail Glorious St. Patrick” is sure to inspire individuality and freedom in a world of conformity.

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The Boys of Doorin

Family has always been a key element in the Celtic music genre, and The Byrne Brothers from Donegal, Ireland definitely bring new life to a timeless theme! While many youths their age concentrate on the latest technology, brothers Luca, 19; Finn, 18; and Dempsey; 14, are focused on their individual style of music and traditional Irish dancing. The accomplished Byrne Brothers have entertained crowds at Walt Disney World, toured across the United States, and amassed a huge following on social media to draw in new listeners to the historic genre.

Joined by their father Tommy on fiddle, bagpipe, and guitar, the brothers’ latest album, The Boys of Doorin, is a true delight for fans searching for the next generation in Celtic classics. 18-year-old banjo and mandolin player Finn wrote, recorded, and produced multiple tracks on this enthusiastic record with all family members excelling in their variety of instruments. Eldest brother Luca on accordion leads the animated melodies while youngest brother Dempsey drives the rhythm with his traditional Irish bodhran drum and whistle.

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From the harmonious intro “Dawn Patrol,” The Boys of Doorin showcases The Byrne Brothers’ connection as a family and loyalty to their Irish heritage. One of the many standout songs is “Raggle Taggle Gypsy,” a new twist on a traditional folk song with zest and humor in both vocals and melodies. Midway through the record, “Wendy’s Waltz” is sure to charm fans of classic Irish instrumentals on the more mellow side. Finally, the title track “Boys of Doorin” is a high-energy ballad that especially shines with a moody string melody: perfect for a live performance of The Byrne Brothers’ renowned Irish step dancing.

Overall, The Boys of Doorin proves that talent isn’t limited to age, and even a traditional genre like Celtic folk can be appreciated by anyone! The Byrne Brothers’ enthusiasm, personality, and natural gift for music are prominent throughout this record and are sure to shine further as their career naturally flourishes. The Boys of Doorin is an album that will have listeners dancing along with The Byrne Brothers and experiencing the magic of Irish melodies as a family through song. 5 stars from Celtic Radio!

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Celtic Woman 20

It’s time to celebrate! Critically acclaimed act Celtic Woman has just released their 20th anniversary compilation album to the delight of longtime listeners and new fans alike. This universally talented band has evolved in their sound over the years but remains popular and respected to this day. Celtic Woman 20 is a milestone album for the Irish quartet with brand new recordings and their first studio record since Postcards From Ireland, released in 2021. Bold and memorable, this special edition album encompasses Celtic Woman’s true ethereal essence.

The 18-track album features a diverse array of songs and most notably a new single! “You Raise Me Up” is an optimistic anthem and includes harmonies from a few original members of the group: Chloë Agnew, Lisa Kelly, Máiréad Nesbitt, and Méav Ní Mhaolchatha. Standout covers of “Danny Boy” and “Amazing Grace” showcase the singers’ passion and inspiring talents. This album even features a song that Disney lovers are sure to enjoy singing along to. Celtic Woman’s rendition of “When You Believe” from 1998’s animated hit, The Prince of Egypt, takes a classic ballad to the next level to tug at heartstrings everywhere.

Celtic Woman 20 is charismatic and catchy for listeners of all ages and demographics. International fans will feel like they’re transported to the Irish shores and feel the energy of the group as they journey through two decades of their famous songs. While it’s true that the singers’ harmonies spotlight their timeless sound, the spirited strings and heartfelt percussion make this a classic record for one’s collection from start to finish. In addition to the studio album, fans can also check out the group’s live performances on their anniversary DVD to learn the thrilling history of Celtic Woman and witness the band’s iconic shows. Celtic Woman 20 is proof that a band can persevere throughout their career while still staying true to the heart of their music. 

Want to see Celtic Woman live? There certainly is no better show that combines all of the magic of Celtic music with these beautiful lassies, their gorgeous dresses and their talented voices. Be sure to check out the tour schedule for a show near you – but order your tickets soon they go fast!

Celtic Woman Music Video

Your Raise me up by Celtic Woman

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Erin Ruth

If you are looking to pick up a CD in our monthly giveaway contest, then this month might be just what you are looking for.

Erin Ruth is a musician from San Francisco who plays both Celtic and Folk songs. Her musical abilities started at a young age when she was influenced by Celtic Films brought home by her mother. She was inspired by the 1997 Celtic Moods compilations as well as the Cranberries.

She arrived in San Francisco in 2012 and became part of the Celtic music scene performing with local artists and then venturing off to the West of Ireland to participate in sessions at Galway, Ennis and Coolin. She began recording this album in 2018 because she wanted it to be a celebration of finding a long lost part of herself in California through Irish music.

A Five Star Review
In some ways it is a reflection of many us – discovering Irish and Scottish music is like finding a long lost part of yourself that you did not know exist. Afterall, we do play the music of our Ancestors and this first release by Erin fits right into the type of music we play. A beautiful and inspiring compilation of songs that will have you longing for a trip to Ireland (or Scotland).

We invite you to help support Erin’s music by listening to her music and purchasing her CD:

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The New Celtic Radio

It finally happened – the new Celtic Radio is taking shape. Flash back to November 8, 2003 when we purchased – alot has happened since those early internet radio days. We’ve always used this address for our mobile website and even created its own bumper sticker and our promotional flyer. It’s just taken us a little time to focus on developing the site!

Does this mean we are shutting down Certainly not. Many members did not want to see go away, so we just completed a 6 month project updating all aspects of our legacy music site.

Our goal for Celtic Music Radio is to offer a modern, easy to use and beautifully rendered site for you to listen to your favorite Celtic music. It will work seamlessly on your mobile device or desktop computer. It is going to be quite simple because we get that you want to hear the music quickly and easily.

For now we have our new player available from the Tune-In section, so give us a listen. Starting today our music announcements and news will come from here and over the next several months look for this site to gradually ramp up.

Our new player technology will allow us to do things not possible in the past, such as offering specialty playlists to augment our broadcasts.

As always, we appreciate the support of our members and hope you will find Celtic Music Radio as enjoyable as we will find developing it.

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