It’s time to celebrate! Critically acclaimed act Celtic Woman has just released their 20th anniversary compilation album to the delight of longtime listeners and new fans alike. This universally talented band has evolved in their sound over the years but remains popular and respected to this day. Celtic Woman 20 is a milestone album for the Irish quartet with brand new recordings and their first studio record since Postcards From Ireland, released in 2021. Bold and memorable, this special edition album encompasses Celtic Woman’s true ethereal essence.

The 18-track album features a diverse array of songs and most notably a new single! “You Raise Me Up” is an optimistic anthem and includes harmonies from a few original members of the group: Chloë Agnew, Lisa Kelly, Máiréad Nesbitt, and Méav Ní Mhaolchatha. Standout covers of “Danny Boy” and “Amazing Grace” showcase the singers’ passion and inspiring talents. This album even features a song that Disney lovers are sure to enjoy singing along to. Celtic Woman’s rendition of “When You Believe” from 1998’s animated hit, The Prince of Egypt, takes a classic ballad to the next level to tug at heartstrings everywhere.

Celtic Woman 20 is charismatic and catchy for listeners of all ages and demographics. International fans will feel like they’re transported to the Irish shores and feel the energy of the group as they journey through two decades of their famous songs. While it’s true that the singers’ harmonies spotlight their timeless sound, the spirited strings and heartfelt percussion make this a classic record for one’s collection from start to finish. In addition to the studio album, fans can also check out the group’s live performances on their anniversary DVD to learn the thrilling history of Celtic Woman and witness the band’s iconic shows. Celtic Woman 20 is proof that a band can persevere throughout their career while still staying true to the heart of their music. 

Want to see Celtic Woman live? There certainly is no better show that combines all of the magic of Celtic music with these beautiful lassies, their gorgeous dresses and their talented voices. Be sure to check out the tour schedule for a show near you – but order your tickets soon they go fast!

Celtic Woman Music Video

Your Raise me up by Celtic Woman

You can visit Celtic Woman on and request their songs on our live broadcast station called Highlander Radio.

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