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Erin Ruth is a musician from San Francisco who plays both Celtic and Folk songs. Her musical abilities started at a young age when she was influenced by Celtic Films brought home by her mother. She was inspired by the 1997 Celtic Moods compilations as well as the Cranberries.

She arrived in San Francisco in 2012 and became part of the Celtic music scene performing with local artists and then venturing off to the West of Ireland to participate in sessions at Galway, Ennis and Coolin. She began recording this album in 2018 because she wanted it to be a celebration of finding a long lost part of herself in California through Irish music.

A Five Star Review
In some ways it is a reflection of many us – discovering Irish and Scottish music is like finding a long lost part of yourself that you did not know exist. Afterall, we do play the music of our Ancestors and this first release by Erin fits right into the type of music we play. A beautiful and inspiring compilation of songs that will have you longing for a trip to Ireland (or Scotland).

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